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Greg Efta

If you think that improving patient/resident satisfaction is as simple as making up your mind to do it and it’ll happen, you’ve obviously spent too much time sampling from the med cart! Patient/Resident satisfaction is a huge focus for many organizations. Some even tie manager’s compensation to their satisfaction scores. For many, however, improving satisfaction is a fleeting effort. The scores go up, then back down, then back up, then back down….. It’s like playing Russian Roulette with bi-polar disorder! Knowing the Four People You’ll Meet can be invaluable in planning a strategic improvement process.

This program will guide you through the obstacles and barriers of human behavior to enable you to:


  • Enlist the right kind of people in your initial effort, as well as long range directives
  • Target the people you need to win over for long term success
  • Weed out the energy – zapping doom slayers
  • Invigorate your organization from the inside out
  • Extract top level buy-in without threats, bribes or coercion
  • Ensure front line buy-in without giving away the farm

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