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Donna Manring

This session addresses Quality First objectives by improving retention of a motivated committed team of staff members that give excellent care to our residents. Teams that work well are committed and motivated to go into the community sharing that long term care is a great place to work, which in turn builds trust along with increased confidence of the facility. Session program strategies can be applied at all levels, senior through line staff positions. Strategies and techniques are proven to be cost effective and have lasting results. Benefits will be for our clients, community and the organization. Outcomes will be able to be measured through employee retention, surveys from staff, residents and family.

  1. Implement strategies and techniques to increase and build public and consumer trust.
  2. Identify methods of improving team relations, team retention and increase performance.
  3. Apply proven successful and cost effective methods of delivering exceptional care to our residents resulting in satisfied customers, families and staff.
Donna will use lecture, power point (if LCD available), handouts, group activities, role-play and question/answer.

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