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Donna Manring

Work place stress is one of the biggest causes of employee absence. Stress is often an underlying symptom of other issues. The key to stress is how we manage it and understanding stress is not one size fits all. Many of us have different reactions to stress and often experience inertia with stress. Additionally stress is different department to department. Band Aid approach for stress is often not successful. Break free of the bonds of stress by taking control. Employers have a responsibility to offer tools in stress management and having multiple tools is essential. This session will provide the tools you need to identify risk factors, understand, assess, and implement techniques to reduce stress reactions.


At the completion of this program the attendees will be able to:
  1. Identify risk factors and understand the reasoning or cause of the stress reaction.
  2. Develop tools and skills to be able to manage risk factors related to stress.
  3. Implement successful surveys and check lists to develop stress management training.
  4. Develop systems of evaluating stress reduction programs.

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