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Donna Manring

Is your Food Service department overwhelmed by all the talk about culture change and the drive to improve resident satisfaction as it relates to mealtime? Is your facility looking for practical solutions for enhancing the dining experience of your residents? The fact is, dining trends are changing and seniors and their family members expect much more than nutritious meals. As professionals in the dining industry, culture change necessitates that we be concerned with providing the highest quality dining service for our residents, offer residents more freedom in daily meal decisions, and ensure that residents enjoy a warm, home-like atmosphere.

Enhancing the dining experience so residents enjoy "fine dining" at mealtime can be an excellent marketing tool to draw individuals to your facility. Dinning aspects that enhance the experience include atmosphere, socialization, and food choices that offer variety as well as exceptional appetizing, eye appealing plate presentation. No matter how you serve your residents their meals (i.e. tray-service, family-style dining, restaurant-style dining, etc.), there are ways you can enhance the presentation so that mealtime becomes the highlight of the day. In this program, you will explore proven keys to exceeding today's senior dining expectations. Dining programs that incorporate an "aligned culture" with each member of the team doing their part to support a culture of caring experience increased resident satisfaction, improved staff retention, client referrals from residents, families and staff, decreased costs and offer opportunities for marketing advantages.

At the conclusion of this program participants will be able to:

  1. Develop a clear action plan for an aligned culture for exceptional dining service that will spread throughout your facility and the community.
  2. Train, coach and measure levels of customer dining service and hospitality resulting in team retention and increased signature service.
  3. Implement 7 proven keys to consistent exceptional dining customer service standards that will set your facility apart from others, increasing your competitive edge and reputation.

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