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Donna Manring

All successful organizations strive for excellent ''customer service'' whether it’s internal or external. Of equal importance is – is it consistent and excellent every day? We as care providers focus on customer care daily, but at what level? This program provides the Keys to not only understanding what exceptional customer service is but exemplifies how to implement it from the bottom up! Every team member has the power to provide exceptional customer service if provided training and inspiration to adopt the passion for a culture of caring. Develop a system of customer service philosophy that will withstand the many factors faced in daily responsibilities. You and your team can be award winning and at the Top by utilizing these 7 Keys.

At the completion of this presentation, the participants will be able to:


1. Implement 7 proven Keys to consistent, exceptional customer service standards that will set your facility apart from others, increasing your competitive edge and reputation.

2. Train, coach and measure levels of customer service and hospitality resulting in team retention and increased signature service.

3. Develop a clear action plan for an aligned culture for exceptional customer service that will spread throughout your organization and the community.

This program incorporates interactive group activities, facilitated group discussion and role playing. Attendees will receive customer service tracking and performance tools:

“Proven Techniques in Raising the Bar in Expected Customer Service, Guaranteed” and “Can Your Business Afford Average Customer Service”?

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