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Dale Lind

For most businesses, staff related expenses form one of the largest, and very often, the largest area of expense. The impact of your staffing choices can reach far beyond just the dollars and cents you spend on salaries and benefits. In their hands, your staff holds the keys to quality, innovation, consistency and customer satisfaction and with each of these areas comes costs that far exceed the impact of salaries and benefits. It is usually easy to find a body to hire, but finding the right person, hiring them and keeping them is a difficult thing at best.  This presentation covers how to identify the right person for specific jobs, how to target your recruitment to yield the best candidates, the most effective ways to interview and screen and most importantly, strategies for creating an effective internal productivity and retention climate.

As a result of attending this session, participants will be able to:
  1. Identify key performance factors for maximum success in specific jobs
  2. Implement effective interview and screening methods
  3. Identify individuals who are most likely to excel in specific jobs
  4. Utilize effective strategies for improving staff satisfaction and productivity
During the presentation, lecture, humor and real life examples will be interspersed with group activity. PowerPoint slides are available to highlight key points and help maintain focus.

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