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In today's highly competitive market place, the basic question all businesses must face and answer is, “Why choose me?” Therefore, it is the purpose of this consulting process to help individual businesses determine what they want to be known for and how close they are to meeting their objectives. Once understanding is achieved on how the business wants to be different from its competitors, action plans will be developed to help them get there.

By the time this consulting assignment is concluded, it is expected that the company will:
  1. Thoroughly understand the strengths and weaknesses of their closest competitors
  2. Have a good handle on their own strengths and weaknesses
  3. Achieve clarity and unity on their business mission and purpose
  4. Have clearly identified specific differentiation strategies
  5. Work from a mutually agreed-upon set of goals and objectives
  6. Be positioned to capture increased market share
  7. Achieve higher profit margins as well as improved quality and market image
Consulting Approach:
In order to achieve success in this consulting assignment, the following tools and steps will be utilized:
  1. Tools
    • Competitor mystery shopping
    • The dynamic group process problem identification and solution system
    • a meeting room with plenty of open wall space
    • a good flipchart stand with sticky note chart paper
    • a supply of sticky notes, 3" x 4" size, in a variety of colors
    • flipchart pens in a variety of colors
    • PowerPoint slide projector with remote control
  2. Key competitors will be mystery shopped
  3. Results of the mystery shopping will be tabulated and summarized in a report
  4. Consultant will assess the business as it currently is using a combination of an on-site tour and a group dynamics problem solving, solution identification program
  5. Mystery shopping results will be shared in a way that establishes a comparison between a client company strengths and weaknesses and competitor strengths and weaknesses
  6. Differentiation strategies and action plans will be developed
Time Commitment and Costs:
In order to adequately complete this assignment, the following is needed:
  1. Mystery shopping: 2 days to visit competitors and prepare an analytical report
  2. On-site consultant time: 1 to 2 days depending on size of the business
  3. Off-site consultant time: 1 day to prepare and submit an analytical report with recommendations
  4. Consultant will be available for teleconference calls as needed at no additional charge for up to 60 days after the assignment is completed

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