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By the time most individuals achieve a leadership position in an organization, the answers to most of the challenges they face are already present in their past experiences. Oftentimes all that is needed is a slight jogging of the memory. The purpose of this coaching program is to help an individual first understand themselves and their natural strengths, weaknesses and preferences and use that knowledge as a basis for mining their experience as well as that of the coach to develop solutions and strategies for their everyday issues.

As a result of this coaching program, it is expected that the individual will:
  1. Understand their personal strengths and weaknesses and how best to position themselves for success
  2. Have access to a regular sounding board for problem resolution
  3. Be better able to target the selection of their support staff with a focus on supplementing each other's weaknesses
  4. Be able to see how they impact others in personal, social and business settings
  5. Constructively confront situations and develop effective strategies for dealing with them
  6. Experience increased productivity and enhancement of their value to their organization
  7. Have the personal satisfaction of feeling more effective and productive
Consulting Approach:
In order to achieve success in this consulting assignment, the following tools and steps will be utilized:
  1. Tools
    • Personality assessment tool
    • Regularly scheduled telephone conferences
  2. Individual will complete the personality assessment tool
  3. Consultant will prepare a customized personality assessment report, send it to the client and review it via teleconference with client
  4. Consultant and client will develop action plans as appropriate based on the results of the personality assessment
  5. Consultant and client will participate in confidential coaching teleconferences on a schedule that is mutually convenient and sufficient to achieve the desired growth goals
Time Commitment and Costs:
In order to adequately complete this assignment the following is needed:
  1. Completing the personality assessment: time needed to complete the survey document is in most cases one half hour or less or less. In addition, client will identify five individuals who know them well to complete an assessment of them based on their perceptions in their relationship. The resulting report is based on a comparison of the individual self-perceptions and the combined perceptions of the five individuals who also rated them.
  2. Developing the personality assessment report: $1000
  3. Teleconference to review the personality assessment report: the time needed for this teleconference is 3 hours priced at $350 per hour for a total cost of $1050
  4. Periodic, scheduled coaching conferences: 1 hour at $350

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