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The #1 Deficiency in all 50 states is consistently Food Sanitation!
However, you can take stress out of the Survey Process with a Dietary Department Mock Survey conducted by Donna Manring DTR 3 months prior to your survey window.

1 Day Dietary Department Mock Survey:
7am to 2:30pm -Entrance Mock Survey (Meal Preparation, Delivery, Dining Room Procedure, Meal Rounds and Infection Control Systems)

2:30am to 4:30pm -Exit Conference with Facility Team

  • A One-Hour conference call will be scheduled prior to your Mock Survey to answer questions regarding the process.
  • Donna is available to your team via email and phone after the Mock Survey to assist with any questions or additional information.
Consider adding:
  • An Additional Day to formulate a Plan of Correction with your Dietary Team and Education with their Staff on the opportunities identified or other training needs
  • An Additional Day could include: Infection Control, Dining Service Director Leadership Training, Dining & Culture Change and Team-Based Enhanced Dining, Complying With Dietary Regulations, Liberalizing Diets
  • An Additional Day to conduct a revisit to determine if your Dietary Department is in substantial compliance
*** The number of days you choose should be scheduled so they are completed 3 months prior to entering your survey window.
Imagine Peace of Mind as you prepare for a great outcome on your State Survey!

Donna Manring’s Biography and References.

For information contact Kathy Cain or Chad Maun at 800-356-2233.

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