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Unlocking talents, abilities, and passion is not only critical for a healthcare professional’s career, but it is also a vital component of success for a healthcare organization. Of course, unlocking these talents and abilities is easier said than done. When everyday hurdles and obstacles of the job get in the way, it’s hard for employees to focus on personal and professional development. Moreover, it’s often difficult for the company to help employees in this effort, as it needs to primarily focus on improving its mission-critical processes and services. The healthcare professional and the healthcare organization ultimately find themselves in a Catch 22. If they take the time and effort necessary to improve overall performance and operations, they risk overlooking or neglecting important daily tasks. At the end of the day, a bona fide expert who can lay out a specific, attainable plan while ensuring critical tasks never fall through the cracks is often the only way professionals and organizations can both achieve their biggest goals.

Greg Efta
Senior Consultant, Maun-Lemke

For more than 25 years, Greg Efta has been helping healthcare organizations address and overcome their most critical problems and barriers. From an inspirational keynote address to an educational seminar to a hands-on, skills-based workshop, Mr. Efta can quickly and effectively connect with audiences and clients in any scenario. Mr. Efta is a nationally renowned speaker and his programs have gained him widespread recognition as a leader in healthcare consulting, research, and training.

Mr. Efta is the co-author of Recruitment, Selection and Retention of Quality Staff, which is a leading resource for long term care leadership. His signature program "Punctuate Your Life" was recently released on video. His passion and knowledge for healthcare spans a spectrum of topics and subject matter. His specific areas of expertise include the following:

  • Employee Recruitment, Selection and Retention
  • Census Development/Marketing
  • Leadership Development
  • Team Building
  • Safety on the Job
Regardless of the topic or engagement a healthcare organization selects, Mr. Efta combines energy, knowledge, and humor to make the experience memorable. He always provides down-to-earth tips and techniques healthcare professionals can easily apply in their day-to-day work.

The Best of Both Worlds
With more than two decades of experience in professional healthcare consulting and professional speaking, Mr. Efta has been able to successfully merge two distinct styles into one highly effective approach. While a healthcare consultant offers the critical guidance and know-how for true process change to occur, this type of approach usually doesn’t spark excitement and motivation among the employees who are involved. On the contrary, a professional speaker can pump up the crowd and stir a great amount of excitement. Yet, after the speech concludes, this excitement can quickly wane. Whether a healthcare organization retains Mr. Efta for a keynote speech or an extended workshop, they greatly benefit from his combined approach. With the enthusiasm of a motivational speaker and the knowledge and practicality of a seasoned consultant, Mr. Efta can successfully apply critical process improvements in an invigorating manner that keeps employees engaged over time.

Mr. Efta works with various healthcare organizations—from large, multi-facility corporations to small community organizations—and in every engagement, he utilizes a hands-on approach. By engaging every level of staff and management, Mr. Efta is able to gain a comprehensive assessment of a healthcare organization’s pain points. He then addresses these pain points and barriers with “real-world” examples and strategies that allow organizations to effectively implement change.

Walking & Talking Proof
All of Mr. Efta’s programs are results-oriented and provide specific steps for fulfilling his clients' clearly defined objectives. From patient satisfaction initiatives to safety programs, Mr. Efta ensures that the right people are enlisted in the initial effort and makes sure that proper directives are in place for long-term success.

Healthcare organizations from across the country rely on Mr. Efta to improve and sustain patient satisfaction. With his unique program, organizations are able to extract top level buy-in (without threats, bribes or coercion!) and attain front line buy-in. Indeed, employee and patient satisfaction often go hand-in-hand. As such, Mr. Efta incorporates professional development strategies that focus on the importance of employees’ roles and responsibilities. Organizations that have implemented Mr. Efta’s programs not only realize improved patient satisfaction scores, but also improved employee morale.

Throughout his 25+ years in healthcare consulting, Mr. Efta has learned that true culture change only occurs when employees thoroughly understand the concepts and ideals that have been presented to them. This is precisely why he presents topics and strategies in an easy-to-understand way. Furthermore, Mr. Efta ensures that participants receive regular, consistent program education so they can effectively retain the information and easily apply the skills they have learned. Mr. Efta’s impact is clearly visible at just about any organization with which he has worked. From front-line employees to senior-level staff, it’s evident that Greg’s programs produce results that last.

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