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Healthcare leaders must undoubtedly assume a strategic role at their organizations. Of course, it’s often difficult for leaders to put on a strategic hat in the face of daily operations and personnel issues. Employee retention, absenteeism, and morale are just a few critical items that must be continuously addressed. As a result, true strategic thinking and development gets put on the back-burner. Healthcare leaders ultimately need an easy and effective way to address the day-to-day operations of the business so they can focus on the strategies that will help their organization gain a competitive advantage.

Khrys Kantarze
Consultant, Maun-Lemke

Leading Leaders to Positive Change

Khrys Kantarze offers a warm, dynamic, and compelling teaching style honed through more than 20 years of healthcare operations and human resources experience. Ms. Kantarze began her career as a nursing home administrator, where she assumed the lead operations role. In this capacity, Ms. Kantarze effectively addressed critical personnel problems, such as employee turnover and attempted unionization. Through this role, Ms. Kantarze also gained invaluable insight and experience from “life behind the desk” of day-to-day operations.

In addition to her operations experience, Ms. Kantarze offers vast expertise in human resources, holding Director and Corporate Vice President positions. She is knowledgeable in all facets of business, including employee retention and recruitment, leadership development, and cultural diversity. Decades of hands-on experience combined with a Masters Degree in spiritual healing and a certification in hypnotherapy ultimately allow Ms. Kantarze to offer one of the most diverse and unique backgrounds in the industry. Her education and experience have allowed her to truly understand the “why” behind an individual’s actions. With this knowledge, Khrys is able to develop solutions that appeal to the underlying needs of healthcare professionals.

Ms. Kantarze is devoted to helping healthcare facilities achieve their employee management and retention goals. For more than five years, Khrys has delivered management consulting services, helping facilities identify and resolve employee-related operational problems. Her specific areas of expertise include adult education and learning, labor relations, compensation and benefits, recruiting (domestic and abroad), workplace diversity, employee relations and leadership development. Her most popular courses include the following:
  • Successful Retention Recipe
  • Lead Your Best Life
  • Positive Leadership for Today
  • Learning to De-Stress
  • Dynamic Teams
  • Getting a Charge Nurse to Charge
  • Leadership and Effective Communication
  • Effective Written Communication Made Easy
Although most organizations face similar challenges, the best approach and possible solutions can greatly vary. As such, all of Ms. Kantarze’s programs are specifically tailored to how a facility manages and operates their business. With Ms. Kantarze, facilities don’t have to worry about adding unnecessary or complex “solutions” to their workload. Rather, Khrys shows facilities how to maximize what’s already working, and how to incorporate strategies that will improve day-to-day operations.

A Unique Approach
Khrys combines her love of people, gift of teaching, and deep knowledge of human behavior with a sense of humor to create unique learning experiences. From hypnotherapy practices and theories to tapping into the power of the subconscious mind, clients benefit from distinctive and equally as effective approaches. Her ability to present solutions in a practical yet humorous way not only engages her audience, but also yields the desired results.

During her career, Khrys has conducted thousands of one-on-one interviews with all levels of staff, from maintenance workers to top-level executives. She essentially collaborates with all facets of the organization, as perceived problems and possible solutions often vary from the top down. Ms. Kantarze unites the various levels of an organization, and leads everyone toward one common goal.

Ms. Kantarze also leverages a facility’s existing continuous quality improvement (CQI) programs. Khrys uses existing CQI/QA results and systems to help facilities develop and define metrics for personnel success. Facilities can thus use this data as a springboard for recognition and motivation, which have been shown to directly impact employee retention. By leveraging an organization’s existing programs, Khrys is able to take systems and processes that are already in place and make them better. Instead of giving operations leaders one more thing to do, they can use something they are already doing to improve morale and retention.

Phenomenal Results
From increased employee morale to reduced turnover, Ms. Kantarze offers a track record of positive results. At one organization, Khrys successfully partnered with operations to decrease turnover. The nursing home chain had over 5,000 employees in three states and was experiencing an average turnover rate of 102 percent. During Ms. Kantarze’s tenure, the facility maintained a 60 percent turnover rate. Her approaches at this organization also decreased union activity and eliminated discrimination complaints.

Another organization sought to take its 12-hour shifts down to 7.5-hour shifts. For the shift change to occur, the company required 22 new CNAs. They also wanted all of the changes to take effect within 60 days. After retaining Ms. Kantarze to lead the project, the organization accomplished this feat in less than 30 days. The organization retained the CNAs it needed and the quality of care substantially improved once the facility retained the required staffing.

Khrys' warm, dynamic, entertaining, and compelling teaching style has educated and motivated thousands of healthcare professionals. Whether it’s a food service employee or the president of the company, Ms. Kantarze inspires leadership at every level of the organization. Professionals always leave her programs with new and practical ideas on how to be more effective—both professionally and personally. Moreover, the techniques she teaches can be easily applied in the “real world”.

Healthcare facilities across the nation rely on Ms. Kantarze for a variety of critical needs. Her distinctive combination of talents and expertise can ultimately help your organization meet its strategic goals and objectives.

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