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Partnerships are critical to success in the oncoming healthcare landscape. Clint Maun discusses imperative survival implications for the SNF marketplace in this recent Long-Term Living article. Check it out!

There are a wealth of reasons one might benefit from the guidance of an experienced coach. Our colleague Ken Lund has recently published an article expanding on some of these benefits and the positive gains that can be achieved by utilizing coaching in Ten Reasons to Hire a Coach. We encourage you to give it a read!

A celebration of Hallowed Ground with Clint Maun and Larry Minnix

Clint Maun recently interviewed his long-time friend and colleague Larry Minnix, formerly head of LeadingAge (national) and a major figurehead in the field of aging services, regarding his new book, Hallowed Ground: Stories of Successful Aging. We wanted to share that interview with all of you in an effort to help promote this uplifting compendium of positive stories on aging to better reflect and promote the amazing work and results being celebrated at aging services providers across the country.

Listen to the interview today!

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