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Whether we’re speaking, consulting, conducting surveys, or mystery shopping, our goal is to meet our customers’ needs, provide strategies to overcome their pain issues, and elevate the quality of our profession… improving healthcare outcomes.

At Maun-Lemke Speaking and Consulting, LLC, we pride ourselves on providing proven, results-oriented healthcare programs that are Changing the Results of Healthcare.

Staffing Success

Our proven 16 Week process at Maun-Lemke accelerates a team-based initiative to improve 7 critical staffing goals measurably:

  1. Turnover Reduction (especially with new hires in the first 90 days)
  2. Agency Reduction or Elimination
  3. Vacancy Reduction
  4. Incentive Pay Reduction
  5. Absence Reduction
  6. Improved Recruitment/Selection
  7. Improved Staff Engagement

Our cost-effective and efficient process allows for up to 12 individual locations in a 16-week Collaborative that centers around:

  1. Weekly video-based Collaborative meetings with each location team involved
  2. Individualized coaching to each location in the Collaborative
  3. Weekly Scorecard/Progress Reports submitted by each team for accountability
  4. Feedback on each Weekly Report given by Maun-Lemke
  5. Assignments are dosed weekly for team action that are stair-stepped in a designed order to ensure success. The assignments include proven systems, techniques, and methods
  6. Focus on 3 major areas of Retention, Selection, and Recruitment
  7. Custom design for Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living, Housing, and other Health Care/Human Service Organizations
  8. 16-Week Collaboratives can be initiated from one organization or separate organizations

Continuation beyond the 16-week initiative will lead to even greater success with even higher return on time and investment.

It is possible and realistic to achieve Staffing Success

Sustainability Plans are developed for all client locations beyond 16 weeks.

Recent Staffing Success Results

Explanation of Numbers in Grids:

  • All initiatives were 16 weeks in length except three groups for “S” that were 32 weeks in length.
  • Number of new hires in clinical roles (CNAs, CMAs, LPNs, RNs). The centers tracked new hires in other roles/departments separately.
  • 90-day turnover is the percentage of new hires that separated in the initiative after week 7 when our 90-day protection process (aka Bubble Wrap) was in place. Our clients had 40% or more turnover of new hires in the first 90 days before the start of the initiative.
  • Agency reduction is both dollars and percentage of agency from week one to the end of the initiative.
  • Absence reduction is the percentage of decrease from the start of the initiative to the end of the initiative.
Organization # Groups/
# of Centers
# of New Hires 90 Day Turnover %
NA 2/24 505 12.5%
S 3/36 1122 12.1%
A 3/39 428 9.5%
SL 1/8 225 9.0%
M 1/12 417 16.1%
N 1/2 46 10.3%
SM 1/12 235 17.8%
G 3/27 283 13.9%
Agency Reduction
Organization # Groups/
# of Centers
Agency Spend Reduction Agency Reduction
NA 2/24 $100,480 22.3%
S 3/36 $159,600 32.8%
A 3/39 $167,500 35.5%
SL 1/8 $85,575 47.0%
M 1/12 $29,250 25.5%
N 1/2 $34,615 45.3%
SM 1/12 $58,549 32.3%
G 3/27 $62,062 23.4%
Absence Reduction
Organization # Groups/
# of Centers
Absence Reduction
NA 2/24 29%
S 3/36 24%
A 3/39 27%
SL 1/8 26%
M 1/12 29%
N 1/2 17%
SM 1/12 23%
G 3/27 19%

To that end, below is a small sampling of actual results from our customers that illustrate our commitment to bringing widespread improvement to the healthcare landscape. Contact us today to learn more about how we can do the same for your organization!

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