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Cheryl Boldt

Does your census data reveal an inability to keep the back door closed in your facility? Your residents are your source of revenue. Does your facility have systems and approaches in place to keep the customers you have while continually building a new customer base to stay in business? Let’s review key systems and approaches that will support stability in census.

  1. The Marketing “ Team”
  2. Minimal “Musts”
  3. The Inquiry Team 
  4. Clinical and Financial “Red Flags”
  5. The Tour Team
  6. The Admit Team 
  7. Post Admission
  8. Facility “Attitude” about Admissions/ Census
  9. Customers referring Customers
  10. Physician Referrals?
  11. Volunteers
  12. Collecting and Using Data
  13. Customer Satisfaction Surveys 
  14. Community Involvement
  15. Comments on Communication
  16. Your Market
  17. Niche Markets
  18. Mystery Shopping
  19. Conclusion

This presentation includes lecture, humor, group discussion, and individual action planning.

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