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Khrys Kantarze, BS, MA

Times have changed and anyone leading todayís healthcare workers is faced with the challenge of motivating people with a variety of backgrounds. From the new gradís of today that have grown up in a fast paced world, to the Baby Boomers-- figuring out how to motivate and educate effectively with the diversity of todayís workforce can be difficult, but it doesnít have to be.

This dynamic and entertaining session will teach you easy to remember differences and strategies to maximize your effectiveness with all groups. Treating everyone the same only reaches a small portion of your workforce.

Incorporating the differences between each generation and the needs of common personality types into one discussion, this session is designed so participants can achieve immediate results in meeting the needs of their employees.

By the end of this session, participants will be able to:
  1. Utilize the differences in the motivational needs of each generation
  2. Increase staff morale by comprehending how these differences may be impacting the workplace
  3. Structure education programs that are effective in motivating each group to enhance overall retention of employees
  4. Implement motivation and recognition programs that appeal to the needs of each group
This session will use lecture with humorous analogies to ensure participants walk away with easy to remember differences in the motivational needs of each group. This program will contain small group discussion and work to facilitate the participantís development of more effective and easy to implement ways to educate and motivate all types of employees.

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