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Often overlooked, taken for granted and expected to work miracles, the staff and leadership of housekeeping, laundry, maintenance and grounds keeping are in many respects, the heart and soul of today’s healthcare organization. With emphasis on nursing, regs, reimbursement and others, our Environmental Services and Plant Operations departments are often left in the dark. This program illuminates the increasingly important role these tireless professionals play in the success of healthcare organizations, particularly in Rural America. Providing the resources necessary for this core group of staff is imperative to create positive image in the community, positive morale in the facility and a positive bottom line for sustainability.

By the end of this program, participants will be able to:
1. Assess their position on the continuum of change in healthcare organizations today.
2. Examine the five greatest challenges facing rural healthcare organizations.
3. Formulate a five step solutions plan to minimize the impact those challenges have on their organization.

I. Introduction
II. The Healthcare Conundrum - Change
a. What’s happening to our residents?
b. What’s happening to our staff?
c. What’s happening to our community?
d. What’s happening to our building?
e. What’s happening next?
III. The Five Biggest Issues Health Care Organizations Face - Challenge
a. Declining revenues
b. Increasing costs
c. Staffing issues
d. Uncertain census
e. Shifting demographics
IV. Rising To The Challenge – Champions
a. Alternative Revenue Sources – What can YOU do?
b. Creative solutions to cost containment – How can YOU help?
c. Leading the Way – YOU make a difference
d. People helping people – YOU are the face of the facility
e. What is a crystal ball – nothing but glass filled with magic!
V. Conclusion

Our Presenter:

Greg Efta is a senior consultant with Maun-Lemke, Inc. a speaking, consulting and research firm specializing in health care and human services. With over 20 years as a professional speaker, consultant, author and researcher, Greg has worked with hundreds of healthcare and human services companies all across the country. This program is driven by real world examples and current trends in long term care. As Managing Director of Development for Waterman Communities, Inc., a multi level retirement company with two campuses in Florida, Greg is facing these challenges on a daily basis, and will share hands on tips, techniques and ideas that will guide the participants on a delightfully funny, energetic and insightful journey toward solutions.

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