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Dale Lind

As it turns out, old is not so much a number but a state of mind. It is possible to live your best life productively and happily at any age. This program presents nine key characteristics commonly evident in the lives of people who are living their best lives at an age usually thought to be old. As participants dig deeper, however, it soon becomes apparent that these nine life principles form a recipe for successful living at any age. In the presentation, the nine principles are organized around the acronym, H.O.P.E and P.E.A.C.E., and include Harnessing the energy of a higher power, Optimism, Planning, Engagement, Physical fitness, Enhanced brain fitness, Affirmation of continued value and ability to contribute, Connection to friends and family and Empowered choice and decision making.

As a result of attending this session, participants will be able to:
  1. Use simple, practical tools to implement low cost, high return culture change
  2. Understand how to help themselves and others live more successfully
  3. Measure their own internal and/or company culture against the nine principles
  4. Improve ability to attract and retain a growing market share
  5. Implement a culture that produces improved quality and ultimately, profitability
During the presentation, lecture, humor and real life examples will be interspersed with group activity. PowerPoint slides are available to highlight key points and help maintain focus.

This program can be effectively presented in an hour and a half. However, a full day is needed if culture assessment and plans for change are desired.

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