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With all the talk of culture change in today's world the emphasis is too often on reconfiguring bricks and mortar. And though they are important, building new customer friendly spaces and going green are not the most important avenues to culture change. Of far greater value is impacting the thoughts and attitudes of the staff serving the customers. Therefore, it is the purpose of this consulting program to institute within organizations a best life culture based on nine key life principles that studies show to be reflected in the lives of people who have managed to live satisfying and productive lives well into what is commonly considered to be old age. While in many organizations, some of these principles may ultimately lead to bricks and mortar solutions, most simply require attitude and/or programmatic changes.

By the time this consulting assignment is concluded, it is expected that the company will:
  1. Have firmly established an organizational culture based on the following nine Best Life principles encapsulated in the acronyms H.O.P.E. and P.E.A.C.E. Because individuals who continue to live active, satisfying and productive lives well into their senior years exhibit most or all of the following nine Best Life principles in their lives, by the conclusion of this consulting assignment organizational culture will empower customers and clients to live their best lives through:
    • Harnessing the energy of a higher power outside of the self
    • Optimistic focus on possibilities
    • Planning for a future worth looking forward to with eager anticipation
    • Engaging in activities that are not only entertaining but meaningful
      • And
    • Physical fitness programs that focus on nutrition and exercise
    • Enhanced brain fitness through experimentation and exploration
    • Affirmation not only of the value of past contributions but of a continuing ability to contribute and make a difference
    • Connection socially to friends and family
    • Empowered choice and decision making
  2. Benefit from increased staff commitment, motivation, satisfaction and productivity
  3. Become the employer of choice
  4. Enjoy significantly higher customer satisfaction
  5. Work from an action plan based on a mutually agreed-upon set of goals and objectives
  6. Be positioned to capture increased market share
  7. Achieve higher profit margins as well as improved quality and market image
Consulting Approach:
In order to achieve success in this consulting assignment, the following tools and steps will be utilized:
  1. Tools
    • Customer focus groups
    • Employee focus groups
    • Best Life Culture Assessment and Development Workbook
    • a meeting room with plenty of open wall space
    • a good flipchart stand with sticky note chart paper
    • a supply of sticky notes, 3" x 4" size, in a variety of colors
    • flipchart pens in a variety of colors
    • PowerPoint slide projector with remote
  2. Consultant will conduct three 1 hour staff focus groups to generate input on the perceptions of culture as it currently exists and any recommended changes. Each focus group should total more than 15 and be comprised of representatives from every department within the organization.
  3. Consultant will conduct three 1 hour resident focus groups to generate input on the perceptions of culture as it currently exists in any recommended changes. Each focus group should total no more than 15 and be comprised of residents with all levels of physical capabilities
  4. Organization will appoint a Best Life Culture Development Committee that ideally will include representatives from the following employee groups:
    • Top administration including the top administrator
    • Activity staff
    • Marketing
    • Dining
    • Nursing
    • Therapy
    • Residents
  5. Consultant will meet with the best life committee to accomplish the following:
    • Share and clarify the results of the resident staff focus groups
    • Present the nine Best Life principles
    • Engage the committee in specifically identifying what is already established in the existing culture for each of the nine areas
    • Identify elements that need to be added to the existing culture
    • Establish subcommittees to focus on each of the nine Best Life principles
    • Develop initial action plans
  6. Consultant will make follow-up visits to work with the Best Life committee
  7. Consultant will be available to the committees via teleconference as often as a weekly for 60 days after the completion of the on-site visits at no additional charge
Time Commitment and Costs:
In order to adequately complete this assignment, the following is needed:
  1. Conduct focus groups: 1 day on-site
  2. Prepare input from focus groups: 1 day off-site
  3. Initial meeting with best life committee's: 1 day on-site
  4. Follow-up meetings: 2 days
  5. Living Your Best Life is a registered trademark of Waterman Communities Inc. and H.O.P.E. and P.E.A.C.E. is a proprietary program developed by Waterman Communities Inc. Therefore, there is a $500 charge assessed to each organization. If a client organization wishes to implement the Best Life culture in more than one location the charge will be $500 for the first location and $300 for each additional location. These funds will go to the Waterman Communities Foundation to supplement the Infinity Fund whose purpose it is to support residents of Waterman Communities who have run short of personal funds.
  6. Waterman communities Inc. charges $25 per attendee for the Best Life Culture Development Workbook.

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