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Dale Lind
Consultant, Maun-Lemke

Are You Overlooking Your Top Differentiators?

In the competitive and ever-changing world of healthcare, if you don’t differentiate, you will simply disintegrate. In their quest to set themselves apart, several facilities choose to invest in state-of-the-art equipment and technology. Some facilities choose to renovate. Others choose to acquire additional companies and services. Although these are all indeed worthy endeavors, facilities can spend millions upon millions and still remain just average. Simply put, if facilities fail to focus on staff empowerment, leadership, and development they won’t rise above the rest.

One of the most effective (yet often overlooked) competitive differentiators is your staff. A staff that continually recognizes (and is recognized for) the critical role they play is much more apt to deliver superior care. And at the end of the day, it is excellence in care that sets the elite facilities apart from the mediocre ones.

The Person who Makes Your People Shine
Dale Lind’s long-term care career spans over 30 years and includes an extraordinary spectrum of hands-on experience. From controller to administrator to vice president of human resources, Mr. Lind has held a variety of prominent positions, allowing him to gain a unique and strategic perspective of the healthcare continuum. Mr. Lind’s expertise also encompasses the role of CEO at a large-scale retirement community in Mont Dora, Florida. The community boasts multiple facilities and services and is one of the county’s largest employers.

Mr. Lind serves his community in a variety of additional capacities, including Chairman of the Board for the Mont Dora Chamber of Commerce and committee member and grassroots advocate for the Florida Association of Homes and Services for the Aging (FAHSA). He is continually recognized for his work, and has been profiled in numerous publications, including Inside Healthcare and the Orlando Sentinel. He is a recipient of the Chair Award for Advocacy and Training awarded by FAHSA and recently received the Central Florida Family Champion award presented by the Orlando Sentinel.

Seeking to share his passion and knowledge of the industry, Mr. Lind began professional speaking and consulting more than 20 years ago. He has helped organizations across the United States address and overcome their most critical challenges. Mr. Lind’s specific areas of expertise include training, motivation, teambuilding, employee satisfaction, surveying, marketing, and workers' compensation loss control.

His sessions include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Developing Differentiation Strategies
  • Coaching for Productivity Improvement
  • Implementing a Best Life Culture
  • Communication, Documentation is Barely the Beginning:

    Understand How to Perfect Effective Communication
  • Essentials for Effective Leadership:

    Develop your Staff’s Performance
  • Developing Your Inner Leader:

    Build Strong Team Leaders
  • In Search of the Maximum Me:
    Understand Your Personal Strengths
  • Live Your Best Life Successfully at Any Age:

    Age is Not a Number, but a State of Mind
  • The Seven Basic Truths of Leading People:

    Techniques to Help People Excel
  • Developing Your Inner Leader:

    Build Strong Team Leaders
Each session is complete with clearly defined goals and objectives—participants are never left in the dark. Prior to every session, Mr. Lind defines what will be presented, how it will be presented and what every person stands to gain by participating.

Not Your Typical Approach
If you’ve been to one monotonous lecture-style speech and/or presentation, you might as well have been to a few hundred—they are all seemingly the same. Although the speaker may have good information, the dull manner in which it is presented typically doesn’t allow participants to retain and benefit from the session. Knowing that the best results yield from active participation, Mr. Lind seeks full, active engagement in every presentation and consulting assignment.

By embracing a hands-on approach, Mr. Lind enables his listeners to become active participants. In every engagement, he provides guidance and insight, while also creating an open environment that allows professionals to freely share their questions and opinions. Mr. Lind strongly believes that this type of “give and take” approach is how true learning and growth occurs. Further, Dale not only encourages clients to question him, but also to challenge him as the need arises.

Mr. Lind also engages his clients through both individual and group activities. After presenting a topic, he gives participants the opportunity to put what they’ve learned into practice. For example, Mr. Lind offers a personality assessment for participants to complete. Completing and reviewing the assessment allows individuals to participate in a self-discovery process, and through group activities and forums, participants can also gain valuable feedback and insight from their peers.

Above all, Mr. Lind presents timely information and solutions in a way that is easy to understand and fun to learn. Participants can quickly apply the skills they learn from Mr. Lind because he incorporates “real life” scenarios that they can identify with. Further, because he builds a genuine rapport and engages participants, Mr. Lind’s audiences never have to worry about attending “another typical lecture.”

Not Your Typical Results
When it comes to results, Dale Lind delivers. For more than three decades, Mr. Lind has helped healthcare facilities to differentiate, offer exceptional services and ultimately a better quality of life for the people they serve. With first-hand experience in several facets of healthcare, Mr. Lind understands the challenges healthcare providers face. Moreover, he knows what’s required to achieve operational excellence. For example, at one east coast nursing home, Dale evaluated safety processes and procedures to create a customized safety program. The program ultimately carved $600,000 off worker’s compensation claims. The program enhanced and streamlined critical safety processes, and the facility sustained the reduced level for several consecutive years thereafter.

Moreover, many organizations experience such phenomenal results with Mr. Lind that they keep calling back for more! For example, Mr. Lind was retained by a West Virginia nursing home to provide a three-day refresher course for administrators. In addition to timely information and tips, the course included self-discovery processes that allowed administrators to reflect on their habits and working styles. The course was so effective that senior management called Dale back to present the session to all of their other locations; they did not want other facilities missing out on the session’s information and benefits. Mr. Lind went on to strategically consult the company’s administrators for several years. The president of the facility was so impressed and pleased with the results, that he publicly acknowledged Dale as one of the key players who helped turn the company around.

Mr. Lind’s efforts to support the advancement of technology, education, and personal growth are continuously recognized and enjoyed by everyone he comes into contact with. Whether it’s at his own company or at a strategic engagement, Mr. Lind unremittingly promotes the concept of staff development. He recognizes the strong link staff development plays in establishing employee satisfaction, superior care, and ultimately a competitive advantage. As such, he provides the tools and resources that enable employees to reach their maximum potential.

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