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Donna Manring DTR

Carbs, fats and calories, what really works to lose or manage weight? What you read in the paper today that is supposed to be good for you, is tomorrows' headlines as being bad. Get to the bottom of fad diets promoting quick weight loss or unrealistic promises. Learn how some fad diets can actually make you sick or trigger other health problems. Discover practical approaches on choosing a healthy eating lifestyle. This is a great program for employee wellness departments or personalized healthy eating goals. This session is a combination of motivation and eating tips for achieving your goals.

  • You will be able to identify what is a fad diet, fad diet terminology and unhealthy eating recommendations
  • Develop an attitude of eating as fueling your body to run efficiently by applying seven proven keys to success
  • Implement successful personalized strategies that work for you, nutrition is not one size fits all

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