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Cheryl Boldt

Think back to the reasons you originally made a decision that you wanted to be a nurse. Very likely you were inspired by someone you knew who was a nurse and you admired this person. That nurse may have been a member of your family, a friend, or maybe even a fictional character on T.V. , in a book, or in a movie.

Whatever or whoever inspired you, you know the feeling you wanted to instill in others through compassion and competent caring.

How do we keep that magical feeling that inspired us alive? The answer lies within each of us. Join us as we explore the magical fire that lies within!

  • Identify magical moments which are defining moments in our lives and careers
  • Live daily in a manner which will inspire others
  • Take action to keep the “fire within” burning
  • This session utilizes lecture, group discussion, and personal action planning.

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