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As a Nursing Leader you can “Lead the Day” by empowering Licensed Nurses to “Lead the Shift”. This may sound great, but how can we make it happen? Start by “listening” to what your peers in Nursing Leadership roles are saying:

“The day hits me in the face the minute I walk in the door!
“My day manages me rather than the other way around!
“Everyday is “ Ground Hog Day”!
“I would love to leave work with a sense of accomplishment!”
“How can I teach people common sense and critical thinking?”
“I spend most of my time solving everybody else’s problems!”

It is possible to minimize chaos through proactive leadership. As the leader of many and role model to all, Nursing Leaders in a variety of roles are directly responsible for the systems and processes needed for great clinical and customer satisfaction outcomes. We also know that Nursing Leadership style significantly influences the “pride”, performance, and staying power of the front line staff in the Nursing Department and other departments.

Learn how to become a savvy leader who develops and leverages the strength of competent professionals. Nurses touch every aspect of our organization and leave a lasting impression with those whose paths they cross. Master the art of “Leading the Day” and “Leave a Legacy” in Nursing.

OBJECTIVES - By the end of this session the participant should be able to:
  • Effectively implement “Personal Leadership Habits” rather than traditional “Management” techniques in your role as a Nursing Leader
  • Identify how proactive leadership within the “Nursing Department” minimizes chaos throughout the organization
  • Establish an agenda for effective shift start ups and interchange
  • Implement front line involvement in recruitment, selection, and retention
  • Implement an effective Mentor Program
  • Implement effective communication practices with customers and co-workers
  • Leverage the strength of nursing professionals utilizing dynamic empowerment and accountability “habits” in the areas of conflict management, front line staff involvement in problem solving, and responsiveness to customer concerns and requests
  • Handle Negativity and teach others to do the same
  • Take steps to improve teamwork and communication between shifts and departments
  • Implement Team Based Process Improvement and Team Based Reward and Recognition
  • Effectively implement change utilizing the “One Great Unit” approach

This is a two day session for Nursing Leaders. The presentation includes lecture, humor, group discussion and individual action planning. A flip chart, LCD projector and screen, TV/VCR and “U” shaped classroom set up are requested.

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