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Cheryl Boldt

Now it is formally a regulation. Person-centered care efforts are required.

Could your organization have been more proactive in embracing all of the articles, education, and shifts in thinking about culture change that have been out there for almost 2 decades? Is your team a little embarrassed they are not where they should be? There is a lot more to it than closet accessibility and bathing without fear.
So, how do we move onward and upward from here?

You are not alone. Health care providers are at various levels of implementation in person-centered care efforts. Whether you are taking your first steps or have a state-of-the-art model, you will continue to be in a cycle of improvement. In this session you will learn how to initiate an ongoing, 12-week, “Super Team” process. This process is goal-driven, includes the development of a written and signed plan to jumpstart your efforts and help you achieve the next level of sophistication in your already impressive person-centered care model.

We will look at how organized teams are clearly identifying “who will do what by when” to drive accountability and achieve goals. The 12-week teaming process outlined in this session is a perfect avenue to empower the front line in all roles, for all efforts - including and especially “person-centered care”. Did we mention you can have A LOT of FUN in the process?


By the completion of this program the participants will be able to:

  1. Implement the “Super Team” approach to moving person-centered care efforts forward.

  2. Prioritize the steps that need to be addressed for implementation of person-centered care in your organization.

  3. Communicate, recognize, reward and celebrate the achievement of goals.

The targeted audience is Administrators, Directors of Nursing, and all facility staff in all roles. The session will utilize a PPT presentation and handouts, storytelling, humor, and personal action planning.

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