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Cheryl Boldt

All avenues of healthcare have a MISSON to serve “the person”. Disease processes and life- altering conditions and occurrences have impacted the person we serve. Each person we serve considers our workplace their home. They rely upon us as their advocates, providers of care, trusted friends, and compassionate allies in preserving and even improving their quality of life. We are an asset in overcoming the challenges they face at any given point in life.

When we choose healthcare (and particularly long term care) as our profession, we have elected to embrace responsibility and not forget our mission to maximize the quality of life opportunities available to those who entrust us with their lives.

Person-centered care initiatives thrive only if the hearts and minds of the caregivers at all levels in the “home” are in sync with the mission. There is no room or time in the day for anything but team-focused efforts with communication practices that help us work and live our mission. If committed, there are no barriers that can keep us from achieving our common goal.

Do we each possess the “fire within” to serve and remain focused on those we serve? How can we keep the bar raised high, unleash creativity, keep appropriate humor alive, and take proactive steps to move once and for all beyond the stereotypes and fear of “long term care”?

Join us as we explore the rewards of remaining focused on enriching the world for those we choose to serve and who choose to live their lives with us.


By the completion of this session each participant will be able to:

  1. Implement the necessary steps to remain focused on “those we serve” as you enter their “home” each day.
  2. Adopt habits promoting mission-focused disciplines in your personal and professional life.
  3. Develop systems and standards of practice that raise the bar for teaming and communication.
  4. Identify the systems necessary to assure the right people work together to do the right things each day.

This session will utilize a PPT presentation and handouts, small group discussion, humor, storytelling, and personal action planning. The targeted audience includes Administrators, Directors of Nursing, and all healthcare professionals who support person-centered care efforts in long term care settings.

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