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Cheryl Boldt

In most healthcare settings, Licensed Nurses are consistently relied upon for 24/7 leadership. Whether the nurse is a Front Line Nurse or a Chief Nursing Executive, their daily leadership presence and influence affects and inspires the lives they touch. The number of individuals impacted by Nurses in any given setting is more significant than many people realize. The value of a Nurse’s ability to leave a positive impression and effect on human life has no limits, whether personal or professional.

This full circle of responsibility requires Nurses to not only think outside of the box but when necessary, recycle the box and start over again. In addition, Nurses can have a strong influence in recreating systems that are outdated, eliminating stagnant ways of thinking, and interacting collaboratively with anyone and everyone. But, to be successful, it requires talent and an appreciation of diversity…i.e., leadership. Licensed Nurses need to be groomed to use creativity and “step up to the plate”, “be the bigger person” and “take the high road” on a daily basis.  


At the completion of this program the participants will be able to:

  1. Identify leadership skills necessary to be a positive influence on others, personally and professionally.
  2. Implement systems that drive teaming, communication and accountability at home, in the community and in a professional setting.
  3. Develop an action plan for personal leadership improvement.
  4. Be proactive in “leading the charge” for re-engineering the future.

The session length can be customized for a 1½ hour session to a full day workshop. The targeted audience includes Chief Operating Officers, Nursing Executives, Healthcare Consultants, Nurse Managers, Front Line Nursing Staff, Department Managers, and other Front Line Employees who have a willingness to improve relationships and drive collaborative leadership. This is an intermediate level presentation which utilizes PowerPoint presentation and handouts, lecture, success stories, audience discussion, and humor.

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