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Cheryl Boldt, RN, NHA

When you hear "It's not my job", do you want to explode!? If so, this session is for you. Join us as we discuss practical, on-the-spot solutions, as well as introduce new methods to keep your team in sync with the mission of your organization.

Over time, staff has learned how easy it is to say "It's not my job". This session will guide you through how to educate your entire team and hold them accountable for immediately acting on customer concerns instead of making excuses for why they cannot help, including "It's not my job", "It's not my shift",  "That's not my resident", "I'm going on break" and other equally silly statements. Personal accountability is powerful and an asset for any organization.

Learn how to re-engineer the "It's not my job" paradigm to "I can help" and "Let me take care of that for you". Raise the bar for how we ALL respond to customers (internal and external) and make sure each day is a good day to receive/provide excellence in your facility.

At the completion of this program, participants will be able to:
  1. Write and implement a "No Excuse" policy in the organization.
  2. Understand why and how to make managers accountable for improving the front-line staff's involvement in problem solving.
  3. Implement competency procedures and testing for handling customer concerns.
The targeted audience includes all healthcare leaders, managers, supervisors and front-line employees. The session length is 1-1/2 hours and includes a PowerPoint presentation, lecture, humor, group interaction and personal action planning.

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