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Cheryl Boldt, RN, NHA

Licensed Nurses are the 24/7 leaders in healthcare. There are no other professionals in any capacity who affect so many lives around the clock. A committed nursing professional can positively influence customers or potential customers, co-workers, vendors, physicians, and drive the ultimate success of any healthcare organization. Healthcare has no place for Nurse Rachett , the I, My and Me Nurse, the Snitch Nurse, or the I went to school to be a nurse, so its not my job Nurse.

Why do licensed Nurses have so much influence? One could say that LIFE is literally in their hands. Healthcare customers put the licensed nurse on center stage and rely on the nurse to do the right thing. By default, this means they count on nursing to lead others in doing the right thing.

How do we assure we have proactive, mission-driven nurses, in the right roles with the right attitudes and expertise? How do we guarantee that after-hour support systems are in place to allow Licensed Nurses to function as leaders? How can we confirm that Licensed Nurses are empowered to lead? Join us as we answer these questions and provide a snapshot of what Licensed Nurses in all settings need to accomplish within the time they have been given to Lead the Day.

By the completion of this session the participant will be able to:
  • Identify two personal leadership skills licensed nurses must practice
  • Implement three systems for great shift start-ups, teaming, and communication
  • Recognize and eliminate Nurse Ratchett behavior
  • Teach people how to talk with, not about others
  • Take steps to support Licensed Nurses in after-hour time frames.
This session is intended for licensed nurses and all healthcare team members who work with licensed nurses. The session utilizes a PowerPoint presentation, lecture, humor,  group discussion, and personal action planning.

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