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Cheryl Boldt

If you have ever tried to delegate a task only to be told Thats what you get paid the big bucks to do then you should definitely attend this session.

The list of things a Director of Nursing has to teach, track, monitor, trend, implement, and sustain is a mile long. You are one person and the last time you checked there was only 24 hours in a day. It is a challenge to get Charge Nurses to be in charge and you would really like to sleep and have a personal life. Maybe your previous attempts at delegation were well intended but did not last. Lets take a look at how to realistically remedy that.

Teamwork and delegation are the keys to achieving true empowerment and accountability. This session will give Directors of Nursing ideas and options on how to use TEAMS in a process we will refer to as T.A.P. or Team Accountability Plan to motivate the organization and get great results that last!

By the end of this session the participants will be able to:
  1. Facilitate the development of a T.A.P. (Team Accountability Plan).
  2. Identify and coach T.A.P. Specialists.
  3. Develop habits and routines that help monitor facility systems.
  4. Reward and Celebrate success.
This session includes a powerpoint presentation, handouts, lecture, storytelling, humor, and group discussion.

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