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Cheryl Boldt, RN, LNHA

Problems can arise when customers are admitted to long term care facilities from an acute hospital after being told they only need 5 days or no more than 2 weeks in a skilled facility. This promised length of stay may not be a realistic scenario for all, but helps the hospital get the customer to agree to the nursing home transfer.

A Team-Based Admission Assessment is a proven approach which allows a transdisciplinary team of experts to assess the resident as a team very soon after admission as well as coordinate the discharge date and destination with the resident and family. This process has multiple benefits for the customer and the organization. It is not coincidental to see internal and external customer satisfaction improve because the admission and discharge planning process is no longer fragmented. Discover how the use of a Master Discharge Calendar helps to slow down the revolving door of admissions and discharges that makes your work so hectic.

The goal of a Team-Based Admission Assessment is to
  • achieve a smooth and safe transition
  • to the right location
  • after the right length of stay for the person's individual situation and condition, and
  • prevent the need for re-hospitalization
This session will provide information on how providers of Medicare A skilled services can use a Team of Experts approach to facilitate a smooth and safe transition for their customers. This leading edge practice will enhance your organization's reputation as the provider of choice in your market.

At the completion of this program the participants will be able to:
  • Implement Team-Based Admission Assessments
  • Develop and utilize a Master Discharge Calendar
  • Track and use outcome data from Medicare Part A stays
This session is for an intermediate level audience. The targeted audience includes Chief Operating Officers, Directors of Nursing, Rehabilitation Directors, Admission Coordinators, Marketing Professionals, Discharge Planners, all transdisciplinary care team members, and consultants to long term care organizations. The session length is 1.5 hours and includes lecture, PowerPoint presentation, humor, and audience interaction.

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