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Cheryl Boldt, RN LNHA

Have you ever been excited about someone you hired at your facility only to hear “Look who they hired now!” on the new team member’s first day?

Do you feel extreme urgency to hurry up and hire?

Does each day feel like “Ground Hog Day” because newly hired team members leave very soon after you got them through orientation?

If the answer is yes to any of the above questions, then this is the session for you!

It is challenging to slow down to speed up, but that is exactly what needs to happen to reach your Retention Goals. The way to resolve this
“Ground Hog Day” experience is to implement effective team-based Retention, Selection, and Recruitment strategies that engage facility leaders with the front-line to achieve your facility Retention Goals.

Join us as we review 12 RSR (
Retention, Selection, and Recruitment ) strategies identified as the “absolutes” that have been successfully implemented and used by facility teams nationwide.

By the end of this session, the participants will be able to coach their facility team on how to implement effective:

Retention Strategies
  • Implement 4 Absolutes to improve Retention of newly hired team members and prevent early turnover
  • Implement 2 Absolutes to improve Retention of team members with longevity
Selection Strategies
  • Implement 2 Absolutes for Team-Based Interview and Selection
Recruitment Strategies
  • Implement 4 Absolutes for a strength-based team approach (versus weakness-based) to attracting new team members

The target audience for this session includes Human Resources Directors, Administrators, Department Leaders, and Front-Line Staff who have a desire to assist with the retention of team members in your facility. The session length is 1.5 hours and includes lecture, a PowerPoint presentation, handouts, small group discussion, and humor.

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