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The interpretive guidelines for F 314 were revised in November of 2004. How does your team stay on top of compliance with everything from Assessment and Immediate Plans of Care Upon admission…to weekly Braden’s X4…to weekly skin assessments by licensed nurses… to monitoring non-pressure areas to see if they turn into pressure ulcers…to required daily documentation on pressure ulcers…to weekly progress in the healing of pressure ulcers…to care plan compliance? …and the list goes on… and on… and on…

If you feel your organization could improve in the approaches used to stay on top of all of the required components identified in F 314, then this is the session for you!


By the end of this session participants should be able to:
  • Implement a proactive system for Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Treatment that can be monitored daily for compliance.
  • Identify approaches which hold the front line accountable for compliance with all required tasks.
  • Improve front line involvement in the Prevention and Healing of Pressure Ulcers.

The targeted audience includes CEO’s and Administrators, Directors of Nursing, Consultants to LTC, members of facility leadership teams, Nurses, C.N.A.’s , Restorative Staff, Therapy Staff, dietary, activities, social services, and housekeepers. This session includes lecture, Power Point Presentation and Handouts, group interaction, humor, and individual action planning.

Perfecting Your Pressure Ulcer System

I. All of the Required Components
A. Review of F 314
B. Listing of tasks

II. Rationale of the System
A. Who, What, When, Where, Why

III. The Skin Book
A. Assigning work
B. Communicating Expectations

IV. Monitoring the System
A. Daily Rounding Patterns

V. Accountability

VI. Team Based Approach

VII. Celebrating Success

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